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CAT (a creepypasta fanfic)

CAT (a creepypasta fanfic)

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CathleenTheCat By CathleenTheCat Updated Dec 27, 2016

Cat - short for Cathleen - officially hated the world. For all she cared everyone and anyone could die, until that was exactly what happened. People left and right were dieing in her home town, starting with the kids in her grade. In fact, anybody who had ever said something mean to her, were being killed. And the most strangest fact yet, was that she was getting black outs, bad ones. The black outs started getting worse and lasted for hours, and all she could dream about was the death of her bully's. At least... She hoped they were dreams.  The secret Cathleen didn't know was that SHE was the reason people were dying, the black outs were really CAT coming out to play. And that CAT was slowly going to make the entire town red with the blood of its civilians.   The creepypasta was coming, and they weren't very happy with CAT at the moment, but they need her with them, so they could keep an eye on her.

----hi ----hi May 14
Never again to be lonely never again to be without a home never to bow to the gummy kings throne never again never again
xXxXSugaKookieXxXx xXxXSugaKookieXxXx Mar 22, 2016
That one moment when you speeding:
                              Officer: You have been speeding WAY over the limit young lady! 
                              You: You have been eating donuts WAY over the limit old man!
                              Officer: Can I see your papers?
                              You: Here. I got an A on my science test and a B+on my Physics test.
xXxXSugaKookieXxXx xXxXSugaKookieXxXx Mar 22, 2016
They were dieting??? Haha 😂😂😂😂 Wth?? They fat or something!!???
Gamwahweh Gamwahweh Sep 19, 2016
At first when I read this I was like, 'What' and then it went to 'Oh oH OH OHHH'
Ok black hair and blue eyes....why can no one every had brown hair or brown eyes.....but I will keep readying and see how it turns out
Mental-Kitten Mental-Kitten Dec 22, 2015