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Diana By DianaEJMly Updated Feb 19, 2014

Whisper something softly, come closer to my ear.

Let me feel you breathing, say what I want to hear.

Hold me in your arms, never let me go,

say the words I Love you, always let it show.

Send me a dozen roses to let me know you care,

insure me, that in difficult times, you'll always be near.

Catch me when I'm falling, don't let me hit the ground,

as long as you are here, I'm safe when your around.

Whisper something softly, say those words I like,

give me something tangible, to make it through the night.

Bring your heart to mine, I'll never let it go,

I'll promise to be fateful, will watch our romance grow.

Whisper something softly, take away my fears,

I'll never have to worry, I'll never drop a tear.

Your the one that I Love, I'm the one in your dreams,

as we hold each other close, we both know what it means.

Relieve me from the past, don't ever cause me pain,

I'll see you at the alter, Yes I'll take your name.


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