Faction: Uprising

Faction: Uprising

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Oceane McAllister By Oceane_Breeze Updated May 23, 2019

What would you risk for freedom? 

Ember has it all. Intelligence, a coveted job, a high rank in the system. According to the communities, she is one of the elite.

But the communities aren't the perfect utopia and Ember isn't the perfect citizen.

When the laws of the communities cross her new-found morals, Ember must make a choice. Will she give up her freedom for her reputation? Or will she risk it all for a life she's never had? 

Freedom seems within grasp, but she has no idea the price she will pay for it. 

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"This is the kind of amazing read that will make you want to throw your phone or tablet across the room and even murder the author (that's a good thing)" @SpinyKyverna 

"This book is so realistic that if there was a country like this I feel like it could be real."

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