The badboy stole my backpack.

The badboy stole my backpack.

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EmmaCarlsen By EmmaCarlsen Updated Jul 12, 2019

Elina has just moved too Los Angeles 'the land of dreams' with her mother. But those dreams might've gotten good-girl Elina's head a little too far up in the clouds as she manages to forget her backpack within days of being in the new town. 

Good thing badboy, troublemaker and the man with a death sentence over his head, Nick manages to 'grab it for her'. Too bad he won't give it back to her without an explanation and story of each and every single things in Elina's bag. But when you carry around jars of peach jam, handcuffs, a dead butterfly and other mysterious items those stories might bring Elina and Nick closer together than either of them wanted too. 

Follow along in this teen fiction book as Nick and Elina along with friends (and enemies) try to tackle a drug lord who's more than annoyed, take care of their own family issues and resist some of those bubbling feelings that spending too much with one and another might give you. 

Who knew what just one backpack could do?