The Werewolf in the Closet

The Werewolf in the Closet

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Jacqari Hill By Cqari2Sweet Completed

Ady has been scared of the dark for almost half of her life. The green, glowing eyes are following her into the darkness. What she doesn't know is that those eyes are someone special to her.

Loren was the new hot kid at her school with the same green eyes that Ady see in the dark. There's something special between them, but Ady just can't figure it out. After a week together, Loren bursts out and tells Ady he's a werewolf, and that the eyes she see in the dark........are his eyes.

There's a different werewolf in town now, and he's out hunting for Ady or her little brother, Vinny. With Loren and his pack's help, they'll try to stop what's going on.

Oh, and there's one more thing. When Ady feels like the time is right to say those three words that Loren has been waiting for, ever since they were ten, then Loren will say a different pair of three words right back at her that will -almost literally- shock her to death.

- - Jul 10, 2017
All I can think of now is "He sees you when your sleepong he knows when your awake"
- - Jul 10, 2017
I'm pretty sure we can guess what the rest of the word is. *Taps chin* Let's see here, one word, one syllable, six letters, starts with W. I wonder what it could be
chector53 chector53 Oct 07, 2017
they are werewolves, only she has no idea. I wonder why she was not informed?
Dab_riella Dab_riella Oct 09, 2017
But I thought the day before was Saturday?😂i should pay this much attention at school tbh.
- - Jul 10, 2017
I tell my brother that and guess what his comeback is. "So do vacuums" he says that every. Single. Time
Blooded_Alpha Blooded_Alpha Nov 06, 2016
In my mind lycanthropes are much stronger than werewolves and much more animalistic