Vic has a terrible vice. He drinks human blood. After a priest challenges him to swear it off for 40 days to gain redemption, he finds himself weakened significantly – and in the company of a nurse who is a particular temptation to him.
The ending was perfect and the story itself fantastic!  A while back I saw Nevermor on I believe it was Pinterest and fell in love with the whole concept.  And when I found out that you were on Wattpad, I was so excited.  This story is AHmazing and I can't wait to read your others!
You turned two of the most clich-est elements that could EVER be written in a story, into an original piece. 
                                    Props to you Lani, wicked story!
This was really neatly written, the detailed description got me hooked from the first paragraph. You have my vote.
true to the core. itreally felt like they were meant to be..!
This was abserloutely amazing! It is the most original vampire book that I have ever read. I could not find a fault in it. I'm glad that you posted this! :)
Haha! I laugh! This was amazing and i dont read vampire books!