A Demon's Drink {Book Three-Kat}

A Demon's Drink {Book Three-Kat}

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Katrina LeBeau By SpeakNoEvil Updated Jan 19, 2017

Katrina has gone through just about everything. She's lost family, she's lost friends, and she almost lost her life; more than once. You'd think that after all of this, she'd learn. 

Even after the wedding, something that should bring a lot of joy and peace, she can't help but dig herself into a deeper hole. The Riddler is Kat's boyfried, if you can even call them that. Her best friends have all moved away because of college or past experiences. It doesn't help that her... exotic condition is getting even more serious. While Kat struggles with all of this darker things are at work; things she is no longer in charge of. 

Bruce can do nothing but watch. After all, how do you help someone who doesn't want help? Bruce want's nothing more than to keep Gotham safe, but will he loose his god-daughter to do so?

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SpeakNoEvil SpeakNoEvil Jun 17, 2012
@CrazyCranberry Thank you! I just got home from a trip so as soon as my partner in crime gets on you'll have more to read =)
CrazyCranberry CrazyCranberry Jun 12, 2012
Awesome series of books! I'm so glad I found them! These chapters were amazing! :)
SpeakNoEvil SpeakNoEvil Jun 09, 2012
@Stephthefall Thank you dear! ^_^ upload soon! just got home from Vaca.. and leaving again midnight sunday till next sunday xp i'm going to die!
Halfway-There Halfway-There May 21, 2012
@SpeakNoEvil okay!!!! can't wait and I have actually started reading her series its REALLY good too
SpeakNoEvil SpeakNoEvil May 21, 2012
@PuReiNSaNiTy You know it takes forever. And Bridge and I are never on at the same time anymore. Give me till school ends. You know all this....
PuReiNSaNiTy PuReiNSaNiTy May 21, 2012
I'm warning ya Kat, u better post another chapter before I decide to not let u c my batman file book XD <3