A Werewolf's tattoo [Jikook]

A Werewolf's tattoo [Jikook]

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They say everyone has a soulmate, and the tattoo you're born with is your connection to them. 
Park Jimin, an omega attending Seoul University of Arts, meets Jeon Jungkook, an alpha and knew transfer student. What will happen when he's accepted into Jimin's group of friends? What will Jimin do when he falls for this young alpha? And what will happen when the feelings are recuperated?

(Swearing and slight smut)

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Fun Fact the smell grass gives off when cut is actually what their pain and agony smell like so basically you are inhaling cries for help
Awe, don't worry you've already found him. You just don't know at the mean time..
AncientFoxy AncientFoxy Apr 22
Can someone explain me the Alpha, Omega and Beta thing. I'm new to it, so...
Yup he is. He can go from “Mr cute bunny” to “Mr Juancock” in two seconds
Is that the meaning of the tattoo? 
                              Awwwwww so sweet, just like reincarnated and destined to be together again
I was actually confused for a second. Ne means No in my language😂