Love is For Losers

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Lovely143 By Lovely143 Updated 10 months ago
(Chapter 3 was accidentally deleted guys sorry) Audrie Benton is just a typical tomboy who loves being on her own. But once her mom sends her to live with her father for the summer Audrie's life changes. From being a single she-wolf to finding out a secret that was meant to be said by her best friend. Audrie's life makes a sudden turn. Love is in the air, but what if its with the wrong person? Finding her mate isn't hard but will accepting him as her mate be difficult? Love is for losers but cheaters never win; who will Audrie believe and who's heart will be broken? I don't think I should say anymore because to much info will ruin the story line. I hope you love the story because there is plenty more secrets to come! But do you dare to read?
So far i really like this! I have two brothers so i feel her pain!:)
I think this chapter needed more discription. I really did like it. Too bad it was only a page :C SAD FACE 
                                    i got a bit confused when she was looking for her baseball cap, i wasn't sure who was talking. I had to reread it a couple times to guess who said what.
This was amaaaazing.  The cliff hanger was so cruel maaan! Audrie nd taylor are so cute. Better than me nd my bro
Holy, good cliff hanger in the very first chapter ! lol ... The way the siblings act together is awesome. So realistic ;p
I love the brother sister relationship between audrie and tyler, it's so cute and also cliffhanger!!!!
                                    Good first chapter. Those two remind me of me and my brother -_-
                                    Good job!