This is another poem written for my brother, He's left today and im going to miss him like crazy..were going to his last signing in tomorrow and then he is gone...i will never come home to my brother again... :'( but Matt, if your reading this; wherever i am will always be a home to you. Never think your alone because i will ALWAYS be their for you. i love you Matt..Bubbers...Your the best, Always. I love you </3
Oop, never mind! I just read the first one. Tell your brother I wish him the best of luck and to keep safe.
How strong and heartfelt! Why can't you ever see him again? Do you still talk to him on the phone? Sorry, you don't have to answer if you're not comfortable with it. I have a brother, and I couldn't stand it if he left forever. Pardon my nosieness -_-