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"I see her. It's dark, but I see her. " Tom whispers to his friend Damon. "I can't see anything." Damon answers.

"Don't worry I can see clearly."

"Okay I trust you."

"I can't believe she came."

"Of course she came Tom, you frightened and blackmailed her"

"True.. True.. But stil.. She shouldn't have come. She'll regret it soon enough."

Tom and Damon got closer to that figure that was standing still for a couple of minutes.

"Lucy ?" Shouted Tom and Damon in unison. The figure moved.

"Yes ?" Said a shivering voice.

"It's Tom. I brought Damon with me. Come closer." Lucy walked. She was getting closer to the two boys. 

"Now are you gonna tell me why you blackmailed me to come here ?" 

"First things first. Call your parents, tell them you won't spend the night home."

Lucy got her phone out of her pocket, held it with her shivering hands, and dialed the number. "Lucy ? Where are you ? It's getting late !"

"I won't be sleeping at home mum."

"Why ? Where are you ?"

"I'll be sleep...

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