Antisepticeye X Reader

Antisepticeye X Reader

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Raven By Ilovedeath123 Updated 5 days ago

You and Jack have been engaged for about almost a year.  you've met most of Jack's siblings Chase, Marvin, Rob, Shawn and Dr. Henrik Von Shneeplestein but there is one sibling you haven't met yet Anthony or Anti what most people call him.  

Anthony is Jack's identical twin but whenever you ask about Anthony he would change the subject, brush it off or even just not simple answer.  

Today your asking and won't stop until you get a answer "Jackie can I ask you something" "of course [N/N] {nick name} what is it?" he ask with one of his infamous smiles.  

You cleared your throat "I ask Chase and Henrik about your family they said that you had a identical twin I think his name was Anthony" you said looking at Jack's knuckles turn white he look like was angry but was calm at the same time.  

"Why do you ask [Y/N]" he said trying not to sound angry "well there's AMV and fanfictions about Anthony and I wondered if it was true or not" I said with serious face looking into his blue eyes "don...

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