Kingdom Chronicles: Awakening

Kingdom Chronicles: Awakening

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Meagan Nicole By MeaganNicoleWrites Updated Jul 13, 2018

Ruled by his cruel mother and rejected by his father, Prince Drake wants nothing more than to marry the woman he loves. But he is a prince, and she is a farmer's daughter. They meet in secret only when Drake can slip out from under his parents' watchful eye.

Locked away in the forgotten prison, Princess Mara has been left alone in solitary confinement for over two years. She should have been hanged for her crimes, but she was a princess. Instead, her father shipped her off to the dark prison where no one would see her or hear from her again.

But when news spreads that Mara has escaped and that Drake's father is found dead in Mara's kingdom, Drake's mother blames Mara's father for her husband's death. War is declared between the two kingdoms, and their soldiers march to battle.

Will Drake be able to survive the war and find a way to marry the woman he loves? Will the kingdoms find Mara and stop her before she enacts her revenge? And will this war stay between the two kingdoms or take over the whole land, destroying all five kingdoms at once?

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