12 Part Story 3.8K Reads 35 Votes
Christine By StoriesToTell Updated 4 years ago
When Aelita, a seemingly normal girl, meets Caleb, a "transfer student from Arizona," her whole world gets turned around. As the story progresses Aelita discovers she has an ability to control the five elements; water, air, earth, fire, and spirit. Caleb, has powerful abilities too, but nothing compared to her. Somewhere along the way, it comes to Aelita's attention that the pendant she had thought was just something from her great- grandmother, is actually a symbol that means she will be the new Queen of the Kingdom of Fate, with Caleb as her prince. They must defeat the threat of darkness. Somewhere between falling in love, and ruling a kingdom, Aelita discovers her best friend has special abilities as well. However, Xiomara, Aelita's best friend, and "The Knowing," falls in love with the secret weapon the dark side, and Caleb's old childhood friend turned worst enemy. Will Xiomara convert him? Will Aelita and Caleb defeat darkness? Read to find out...
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