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Tomboy Meets Tommy

Tomboy Meets Tommy

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Koko Luscious By jellogirl Updated Nov 30, 2016

"What is your problem!?" I shouted at him. I never shout at him, or anyone for that matter. I always tried to remain calm in any situation around him.
  He deserved it. 
  He screwed up, big time. Ruined anything special we had; took my heart and broke my trust. 
  He was never right for you anyway. 
  He wasn't?...
  He knew she was dying. Your own Mother knew your Grandmother wasn't going to be here for much longer, and he was in on it. 
  They all knew but neglected to tell you!
  "Charlie, I--I didn--" Tommy began. My eyes were tired from crying. I sniffled.
   "--Save it." The delinquent had stolen my heart, turned me into an actual girl, and...hurt me. I truly hated the fact that I still felt like I was in love with him. 
  Was it because he told me his secrets? Because he made me laugh? Because he comforted me when I needed it?
  I walked away. I ran. I needed to get out of there.
  Someone was following my steps, quickly. A black van was parked ahead of me, the side door opened. 
  Charlie, I've got a bad feeling about this... 
   Me too. 
    ©All Rights Reserved. Tomboy Meets Tommy. Created December, 2010. Published on Wattpad February 13th, 2011. Written by Konita Sasraku--Wattpad handle: Jellogirl. 
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abymae abymae Jan 18, 2015
@abymae @jellogirl there is always value to editing. there is also value to researching. both enhance storytelling. but don't allow either to overrun the story.
onevoice onevoice Dec 13, 2012
I really  like this story! You developed the characters really well! Its not everyday that you see a fun 40 year old grandmother! 
                              Haha how hold was chars mom when she had her tho! Haha looking forward to reading more
jellogirl jellogirl Feb 14, 2011
Thank u thank u thank u than u! U r my first comment!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh :) ahah I'm just one year older than u. I promise to read ur story, but I have to get to bed now. So ill read in the morn!!@LonelyInACrowd thank