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Israel Mathew Robert By TheAfricInk Updated Nov 05, 2017

It was 7pm, when I went to get something outside for dinner. I walked into a shop and asked for a loaf of bread and a can of sardine, which were what I was tasty for. I got back home, sneaked into my room and locked the door as I silently engage the wonders of food.

Then I heard a knock. Guessed it was was Aunt Shirley, the only FBI and EFCC in my family. She knew something was wrong about me. So, i hid the can of sardine and the bread under my bed as I replied "I'm Coming". I quickly wiped the oil off my hands with my shirt which I wore, when I opened she stared at me with all the looks of a demon finding faults. I acted normal so as not to show any sign of tension. 
I was surprised when she smiled and shocked her head, what could she have discovered now?
She bent low and smelled my shirt, my hand and then looked at my face. 

"You think I am a small child abi?
And my evil sarcastic mind opened up to she being the last born. My dad is the first child and they are 9 children my grandp...

TheAfricInk TheAfricInk Nov 07, 2017
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