One Shot Desires (Erotic Short Stories)

One Shot Desires (Erotic Short Stories)

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Lovershay By Lovershay Updated Feb 28, 2016

"Jaelyn is very insecure and when I say that I mean VERY insecure" I told my brother who was interrupting ny conversation.

"Really why? I mean she is, damn that girl fine as hell I been wanted to tap that but that's friend so..."

"You wish you could she would never fuck you." I said matter of factly.

"Is that a bet?" My irritating brother asked.

"Sure why not. Loser does anything the other person says." I was I was going to win I mean come on my brother is not a good looking boy in my eyes.

"Alright bye little sis" he smirked then left the room.

*Later that night*

My little sister thinks she can win this bet she really doesn't know what me and Jae did already. This will be easy.

I walked up to Jae's house and knocked on the door, she answered right away.

"Hey do you wanna hang out today just me and you, you know so we can expand our friendship"

"Sure just let me grab my purse" She said then walked back in the house. I'm not go lie mama had a BAD ass body, then the way she mov...

LolaLafy LolaLafy Feb 18, 2016
Before 'When' you should state that its now in El's view. I was confused for a while.