This Cant Be Real (Sequel to The Hybrid)

This Cant Be Real (Sequel to The Hybrid)

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Haley. By AllTimeLow_writing Completed

I thought it was only a dream. I thought none of this existed. I thought only this stuff happened in books and movies. But I was proved wrong.

All im thinking is that This Cant Be Real.

Roni's back.
Shes human. She has a normal life. That is until she had a dream. When she tells her parents about the dream,they freeze and dont what to say.How can her parents explain that the dream was saying what they've been hiding?

So follow Roni's new journey about finding the truth and being the truth.

(The 'dream' is the book The Hybrid. DO NOT READ unless you have read The Hybrid)

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chector53 chector53 Sep 13, 2017
you are an Hybrid, mixture of werewolf and vampire for real.   I am wolf, the other is vampire, sorry waited so long to tell you. SORRY
Iglu1011 Iglu1011 Sep 12, 2017
Very cool about the dream.  You are brilliant and it wasn't confusing at all.
BoringOldBooks BoringOldBooks Aug 15, 2016
Woah cool I loved this please upload more, and I would love it if you checked out my book Loves Only A Secret your book is so inspiring
jazsyp jazsyp Jun 20, 2016
its was all a dream. so cool i like the twist and wow i cant wait to keep reading
DebbieRivas DebbieRivas Nov 22, 2016
This definitely explains alto but does she really believe she is human????? Only time will tell... This is a great book.  Love the twist you put on it.
Double_K18 Double_K18 Jan 15, 2016
i thought 'the hybrid' started when she was 18 and was left by her parents since she was 7 or somethin?