The Nerd is now a Sexy Vampire!! (On hold)

The Nerd is now a Sexy Vampire!! (On hold)

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moka_rosario By moka_rosario Updated Jun 24, 2014

             Mary Simmons is the total nerd of her school. She gets A's on everything and then still asks for extra credit. She is the exact opposite of pretty, all her family's pretty genes went to her sister. People at her school constantly make fun of her and she holds on to the friends that she has. But on one very weird night everything in her life changes. She is no longer that nerd everyone stomps on, she is no longer ugly, she is no longer a person to be messed with, cause watch out the nerd is now a sexy vampire!!

  This story is PG-13 meaning that there will be some language and sexual material (evenually) ;)

          I hope you enjoy

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