True Colors: Completed

True Colors: Completed

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вяιттαиι ѕαмσиє By bmyree Completed

Atlanta becomes Althea's new home after her father decides to move in with his new girlfriend and her daughter. Not only does she get a new home, but a new family too. Once Althea and her father are settled in, Tiffany, her new "step" sister, starts to show her true colors. Ditching and embarrassing her at her new high school becomes a daily routine. Due to Althea's attitude, her father doesn't believe one thing bad about Tiffany coming from her mouth. But little does Althea know that this is just the beginning.

When Althea starts to act rude to Tiffany's mother and "flirt" with her ex-boyfriend, Tiffany starts to plan Althea's torment not being to handle the jealously or anger anymore. Soon enough, Tiffany's plan is completed; family and friends are turning against Althea, giving her the cold shoulder and adding on to the pain she has in heart.

Running to drugs and sex was something Althea started to do. Depression started along with rebellion and short tempers, bringing out a new side of Althea. Prostitution was something major Althea started to do also. Will friends and family ever find out the truth, and if so, will it be too late to bring back the Althea they all knew and love?


  • drama
  • drinking
  • drugs
  • high
  • lies
  • neglect
  • school
  • teen