the real story behind her ((zoey gold))

the real story behind her ((zoey gold))

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Goldie By zoey_gold13 Updated Dec 13, 2017

I'm just going to show you the characters more like her 'family' Anyways let's start with the oldest to youngest 


this is josh the older brother ((his eyes are dark blue)) 
He likes to read in the library cuz it the only quiet place in the castle 
He's favorite food is noodles
He's favorite song~

[There should be a GIF or video here. Update the app now to see it.]

 ((Idk y XD)) 
he's single 
He 'love' his siblings 
And he's favorite ninja is the...'drum rolls please *drum rolls* GOLDEN MASTER ((he think 'he's' smart and cool and know how to fight and he doesn't know it he's sister(Zoey) 

2.nightmare ((or wandy)) 

She's the second sister and the worst one from the look in her face she clearly hate her life XD anyways 
She loves attention and she's jealous of her sister 'zoey'
She loves calling Zoey 'zo zie' ((<~~ Zoey hate that name))
Her favorite food is d-donut ((yea donut 😅))
 She doesn't have a favorite ninja 
Her favorite song is

[There should be a GIF or video h...

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