Quest for the Lost--Sebastian's Daughter Sequel (A Black Butler Fanfic) COMPLETE

Quest for the Lost--Sebastian's Daughter Sequel (A Black Butler Fanfic) COMPLETE

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Myranda By the2anime_fanatics Completed

(STOP! Please make sure you have read Sebastian's Daughter before continuing. I worked very hard on both of these books and would appreciate it if you would read them in order. Thank you. I do not own Black Butler, the cover picture, or anything else that is not something I made. Sorry if I seem like I'm in a bad mood as I write this, I already had this whole thing written exactly the way I wanted, and then Wattpad deleted it. I might cry...)

Selena Michaelis-half demon, half angel-has recently discovered that her mother, who had been thought dead ten years ago, can still be saved. She is trapped in a world between life and death, and believes she can return to her body if it is removed from a science lab that is in the United States of America.

Selena, her father-Sebastian Michaelis-and their new found friend Scientist Maria Lynn, travel to the United States and search for the fallen angel. (Get it?)

The young half demon, half angel must still keep a low profile, for she has not escaped the hunters' clutches just yet. She will also be in and out of many science labs in search of the missing body. The only difference is, this time, she's not alone.

Will Selena be able to find her mother's body before it's too late? Will she finally escape the swarms of hunters and scientists? Can she finally have a real family again?

Find out the answers to these questions and more, in Quest for the Lost, a Black Butler fan fiction by the2anime_fanatics!

This story is finally finished, so no one else has to wait for an update in this current book. Book three has also been posted and is completed, so check it out! (After this one, of course. XD)

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Potato-Chan707 Potato-Chan707 Aug 03, 2017
I'm the opposite, I look like an angel but I'm actually a demon.
JeffWantsAHug JeffWantsAHug Feb 26, 2016
What happens if someone dripped some ketchup on the floor while eating fries *^*...the world may never know
MaeBe1Dae MaeBe1Dae Dec 19, 2015
This bitch always getting hurt 
                              1.broke her wings 
                     stabbed multiple times
                              3.reopened stomach gash 
                              GOOD GOD U CABR STAY HEALTHY FOR 20 MINUTES!!
lizhamham lizhamham Sep 20, 2015
I love the first chapter. I wonder what it will end out.
                              And the blood could be paint. Who knows?
AngelicShelby AngelicShelby Aug 31, 2015
So glad there's a second book. I'm excited to read the next chapter!
SebastianaMichaelis1 SebastianaMichaelis1 Jan 24, 2015
I seriously think this should be a real book for the public in stores its REALLY good!