Beneath Your Beautiful (H.S. AU)

Beneath Your Beautiful (H.S. AU)

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Mette By MetteMA Completed

'True love doesn't only bring out the best in you. It brings out the worst.'     

 When you lose someone everything changes. The wind no longer feels the same, the smell of strawberries seems nonexistent and the relationships you have with loved ones start to fade.           

Trinity Roberts had always been different. She was the kind of girl who saw beauty in everything from the dead leaves on the naked ground to the stars in the night sky. She had learned in an early age to appreciate all the little things in life, but unfortunately for her that all changed.         

 When tragedy strikes once again, she can no longer find beauty in anything and she does not know how to appreciate the things she has. She begins to seek something else and she leaves the one person who has always been there for her behind. She is well aware that love isn't enough to fix her problems.          

 When she meets Harry things change, but it isn't for the better. However, she is eager to know what is behind the wall he has built so high around himself, and she learns things about him that no one else knows.           

 But the more she gets dragged into his world, the harder it is for her to get back on track and she finds herself part of a world she never knew existed.            

The cracks in your heart is for the light to shine through and make things better, but what do you do when the cracks are too deep and the light can no longer find its way in?

(Contains mature content)

  • adolescence
  • badboy
  • drugs
  • harry
  • horan
  • hurt
  • liam
  • loss
  • louis
  • love
  • niall
  • pay
  • romance
  • sadness
  • styles
  • teen
  • tomlinson
  • youngadult
bands-ruined-me bands-ruined-me Jul 23, 2014
oh love I am so happy that you started writing this story again, I really like fact that she isn't going to change rather he is going to change, it's a nice twist from the regular bad boy and good girl story.
crunchychip crunchychip Jul 14, 2014
Hai! You recommended this book to me quite some time ago and I barely started reading it! I'm so sorry about that I've had things to take car of but I plan to read it all the beginning so far is amazing I love the crazy detail and this is just the summary? Can't wait to read the rest!
wildflowers1d wildflowers1d Jun 05, 2014
This sounds so interesting! I can't wait to read more and find out what happens!
everdeen102 everdeen102 Jun 02, 2014
Oh my god. Mette this is sooooo good. Okay, I've got another great book to keep me busy. Lol. :))))
- - May 26, 2014
ooh this sounds good! I'm really excited to read it :) je suis intriged
sarahrreading sarahrreading Mar 28, 2014
Summary sounds very detailed and good *reading next chappie*