Alpha Academy

Alpha Academy

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IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ THE WORD "NIKE" A LOT DO NOT READ THIS BOOK I AM SO TIRED OF PEOPLE COMMENTING THAT "I get it they love Nike" or "I'm so tired of seeing the word Nike in every chapter" I GIVE 0 Flips DONT READ THE  BOOK. I'm WRITING IT NOT YOU✌
An uprising of rogues has disturbed the balance in the supernatural world. What do the rogues want you might ask? They want hybrids. Vampire and wolf and who better to create the than Naiyla Corvin. The direct descendant of William Corvinus and Marcus Corvinus, children to Alexander Corvinus. In order protect the prevailing Alpha Lycan to the Corvinus pack along with other Alphas across the country, the Soon-To-Be Alphas of every pack are sent to The Alpha Academy. Here they will continue schooling along with being trained and protected. With Naiya being a Lycan there are bound to be mishaps. What Naiyla's dad fails to realize is that she will be going to a school full of male wolves. Do you see the problem here?

Join Naiyla in her "quest" to the Alpha Academy where her spitfire Lycan, Shira, will be sure to keep you on your toes.

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Good book and all but rouge is a color. The correct term is rogue
bxaxnxa bxaxnxa Jul 31
My grandmother makes me tell her everywhere I'm going even if I just step out in the yard
I love this girl already. 
                              GIRL POWER BITCHESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's weird that he has to call her Alpha instead of her name
_Mxrrii_ _Mxrrii_ Jul 10
                              that mm reminds me of that 1 episode I saw of teen wolf
If I saw that I would scream and faint, like the dummy I am. >.>