He's Amazingly Hot, Charming And Smart... And An Alpha Werewolf.

He's Amazingly Hot, Charming And Smart... And An Alpha Werewolf.

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Iris By AnywhereButHere Updated Dec 19, 2011

When Journey Daniels moves to a new school in Ontario, Canada, she realizes something weird about some of the people who attend. 

While her wildly popular and badass sister, Haile, doesn't seem to notice anything about her boyfriend, Damien Bronze, Journey senses something strange.
Maybe it's the fact that people treat smart, sexy, charming Archer Bronze, (Damien's brother) like some kind of a god? 
And maybe it's the fact that whenever Haile is with Damien, she falls under some kind of... spell?

Whatever it is, Journey isn't taking any crap from Archer, and lets him know on the first day.

But Journey is about to get more involved with the Bronze's than she could have ever imagined.

One warning: Don't fall in love with an alpha werewolf.

  • adventure
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animaeloverofall1012 animaeloverofall1012 Sep 17, 2017
Only keep popcorn In my bag cus of the drama at school. Almost rivals Kdramas
balli25 balli25 Feb 22
They act like they been friends for days but they only had one convo
Foutzchild Foutzchild Feb 21
See, me? I would have taken two of the thousands of books in my backpack, and hit them over the head. Because I'm awesome. I would've said, "Feel the power of my books. Now get out of my way and leave me alone, you idiots!"
_yaoi_001 _yaoi_001 Jan 12
dude I know this is like a year later-ish but Kristen Stewart needing plastic surgery that is so funny.
AntiquatedLemon AntiquatedLemon Jul 18, 2017
I hope she means the British way of saying cigarette or a bundle of sticks.
balli25 balli25 Feb 22
It's 2k18 we are better than this she needs to shut her godamm mouth and get WOKE