His painful rejection

His painful rejection

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Kristen Matthews is a sweet and shy she-wolf who has been through a lot. Losing her parents at a young age and being the packs only punching bag you think that would be enough. She dreams about finding her mate. A mate who will protect her and save her from her horrible pack.

But sadly what she expect doesn't turn out to be what she want. The day of her 16 birthday the mandatory year that a wolf shifts and finds their mate she becomes excited and full of hope but her hope soon vanishes when she finds out that her mate is none other than...Roy Weston soon to be alpha of the Blood moon pack.

Always being beaten up is one thing but being rejected is another pain one that you can't help but try to forget. Being rejected pushes her to her limit. Without taking a single glance back to her horrible pack house she disappears into the forest in hope for a new life a new beginning.

She doesn't know what will happen next or what she will do the only thing she knows is that she is finally free.

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Guaapanese Guaapanese Dec 03, 2017
Lmao I just now realized I’ve read this already, I need help
WritersBlock1103 WritersBlock1103 Dec 18, 2017
tvishis tvishis Oct 06, 2017
EWWWW SPIT!!! ANF NOT Even saliva! like when you kiss! just gross!
cupcake721 cupcake721 Jan 17
                              I SAW A LIGHTTT 
                              AND IT OPENED UP MY EYES 
                              I SAW A LIGTTT
The-amateur The-amateur Dec 07, 2017
Oh I remember, this is why I stopped reading. "I'm soo beautiful but I'm ok I guess.." wtf dude
X_Carpe_Librum_X X_Carpe_Librum_X Jun 23, 2017
Fending for myself flows better, but that's just my opinion. Looking forward to reading the story