I'm in Love With a Werewolf

I'm in Love With a Werewolf

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_daddy__issues_ By _daddy__issues_ Updated Jul 13, 2015

"God dammit Gabriel give me my fucking phone." I yelled chasing him around the house.

"Never!" He said stopping and looking at my phone. He smiled before unlocking. Remind me to never give him the password to my phone again.

"Gabe please." I said trying to take it but he held it over my head.

"No. I'm in here as Gabe heart heart heart." He said looking down at me with a smirk on his face.

"Please." I said realizing how close our mouths were. My best friend and crush of almost two years was so close. And he just found out the name on his name on my phone.

"Kiss me." He said and I froze.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I quickly sat up in bed out of breath. I turned the alarm clock off before looking at Gabe asleep on the floor. It was just a dream. My dad was out of town with some buddies of his from work. I looked at the clock and it read six thirty. Ugh its too damn early. I crawled out of bed and on to the floor. I sat on my knees and shook him.

"Gabe wake up." I said shaking him.

"Come o...