Can someone love an ugly and cursed princess? Since the birth of Kala, bad things had happened in Matubig, thus they call her "malas". She spent her entire thirteen years in solitude, taking in all of the nasty glares and hurtful words the tribesmen spat on her. But when she was whisked away to marry someone else, will Kala and Awit end up together? Or are they simply a victim of wrong love in the wrong time?
(hehehe please don't mind me barging in) but they are real words. they come from the Filipino language where Awit means song and Malas means badluck.
Great start! You managed to make an ethnic story in english very well.
very good i have a friend called Katelyn and she comes from the Phillipines.
nice start honey!!! Go lang ng go, haha, aabangan ko to, be inspired fighting writer