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Lexii. By LolzLexii Completed

When you're at rock bottom, there's only two things you can do: you can just lay there and slowly waste away or you can try to climb back up to the top. A few months shy of her eighteenth birthday, aspiring musician, Ryn, decides that she's tired of being stuck at the bottom and its time to try and climb back up, possibly higher than she's ever been. So she leaves everything that she once knew behind so she can begin a whole new life. But just like any runaway, Ryn has secrets. Will she be able to keep them? Or will all the lies turn around and bite her on the ass?

squarefish squarefish Feb 27, 2011
This is very suspenseful and well written! I will definitely continue reading on. 
Bookworm78 Bookworm78 Feb 26, 2011
It's quite interesting and written well. I will definitely continue reading this.
tianajade tianajade Feb 18, 2011
A good beginning! I like the use of some of your descriptions. You've left things unanswered which is good; it makes the reader want to read on. It hooks the reader in almost instantly. It's written nicely, and it flows great. Good start, keep it up!
vantablack vantablack Feb 16, 2011
This is definitely a good hook. You have the main character start off with this excited tone, then it turns sour.
                              ALSO: Thank you for commenting on my story, sorry it took me so long to get back to you!
leannerosecooper leannerosecooper Feb 16, 2011
wow LOVE it! great opening and cant wait to read the next!! 
                              Leannee <3
thelionftw thelionftw Feb 13, 2011
It captured my attention immediately. It's a great start. There was only one run-on sentence, but that's it. Hope you upload soon!