A Desperate Soul

A Desperate Soul

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Dave Smale By DavidSmale Updated Nov 05, 2017

An orphan is granted the ability to see into the spiritual realm.

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Jacob Jordan's loving parents were tragically killed when he was seven. He falls into a deep depression, losing his faith and believing only in what he can sense. Raised by his sweet Grandmother, Tilda, who he sees as overly religious, Jacob rebels against her rules, beliefs, and her church. Running away to join a band, Jacob becomes enamored with the local music and party scene. While he's gone Tilda receives awful news. She's dying. 
With his new found affinity for alcohol, Jacob's life spirals out of control quickly. He returns to Tilda after a falling out with his band mates, only to find her on her death bed. In her final moments she touches his face and prays, "Lord, open his eyes that he might see." The result of that prayer is that he is able to see what is happening behind his senses - the spiritual realm. Though he didn't believe in the supernatural, what he sees isn't anything like what he expected; not ghouls and ghosts, it's far more terrifying.
His beliefs challenged, Jacob must figure out whether what he's seeing is a nightmare, a hallucination or real. Deciding they are real Jacob becomes desperate to make the vision stop. His efforts are in vain until he realizes, in order to make it stop he must ask for help from the last place he wants anything to do with - his Grandmother's church.

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