Battle of the Races: Angels vs. Humans

Battle of the Races: Angels vs. Humans

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someone! By lalalafrenchvanilla Updated Apr 29, 2012

             The human race has failed God yet again and He can't take anymore. He has decided to send angels out onto Earth to restore the purity of the world, to show the humans how they are supposed to act and this was fine up until Angel Abbandon decided to reign. Things started changing: the angels started going rogue. The angels began mistreating the humans, thinking of themselves as superiors and not red blooded feeble weak insects. Since the angels share similarities in the human appearance they are disguntished by their blood color (the "medicore" angels bleed blue, while the superordinate angels bleed gold)and a mark that is only given from God himself. Even with the level of differences: the angels and the humans can agree on one thing...Why hasn't God intervined?

              Mikayla Banes is a weak, spineless, human in the eyes of the angels. She's 17 and is taking care of her autistic brother Sam and her useless mother, Laurel. As if trying to stay clear out of the ange...

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