Soldier → Paul Lahote

Soldier → Paul Lahote

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Sara Swan. She is the eldest daughter of Renee and Charlie Swan. After getting on the Queen's Gambit in Starling City with her secret lover, Oliver Queen, and the ship sinking, Sara was presumed dead for seven years. Unknown to her family and friends, she survived. She went through hell and back to return home. Before she could finally see the faces of her beloved family after so many years, Sara was killed. 

But she was bought back; she was alive.

Being brought back to life changed more than one thing. Firstly, Sara lost a piece herself, a piece of her soul that she knew she would never get back. Secondly, she was aged backwards, previously twenty-seven before she died, she was now the ripe age of seventeen. Thirdly, she was trained to be a killer; an assassin. After seven years of fighting and successfully escaping her captors, Sara returned home to Arizona where her mother worried for her and insistently questioned her about how she looked so young. She ignored her mother's questions and traveled to Forks, Washington, longing to be with her father and younger sister, knowing they wouldn't question her. 

What will happen when Sara meets the Cullen's that her sister, Isabella, hung out with? What happens when a certain hot headed wolf imprints on her? Will this sudden visit break through Sara's heart of stone and tear down her protective brick wall? Or will it drive Sara closer towards her family, wanting to protect them even more so than before?


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snmuenst15 snmuenst15 Nov 04, 2017
I'm loving this already! It's totally different and I'm excited for the first chapter 😊
- - Nov 10, 2017
love it and love the TW/TO thing u had down in the other chap u should do it
Amaniyousry Amaniyousry Jun 21
طائر الاصفر = taer al asfar  = the canary 
                              I like it ❤️
Kyrendemon Kyrendemon Nov 04, 2017
This sounds so interesting I love it already! I can’t wait for the first chapter!
The song state of my head by shinedown really fits Sara in this story