Scorched | Bewitchment #2 [REGULAR UPDATES]

Scorched | Bewitchment #2 [REGULAR UPDATES]

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Aubrey By ACampbellAuthor Updated Jul 14

For ten years, Kali has called the Pandemonium Circus home, drifting from one city to the next. She has never stayed in one place for longer than two weeks. Putting down roots is a foreign concept she can't fathom...but she dreams about it. Building a life that's genuine and honest instead of riddled with masks and costumes, lies and greed.

When the circus stops in Galway, Ireland, it's Kali's job to get the show started with a single spark of magic. As a witch, she never knows how she'll be received - with wonder over her ability to conjure fire by the snap of her fingers, or with raw anger that such a creature like her is allowed to exist in the first place. 

There she meets Finn, a local fisherman's boy. There's something wild and not entirely human about him. Yet she's drawn to him in a way she has never been with anyone else. And Finn is drawn to her in return, pulling them both to meet in the middle of Pandemonium.

But a storm is brewing in Galway at Pandemonium's presence. Kali isn't the only witch in the area. And there are some locals who want to see Pandemonium and all of its freaks burned to the ground.

Can Kali and Finn find happiness in the midst of chaos and Pandemonium? Or will Kali be forced to move on, as she always has before, a wandering traveler and unwanted witch?

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