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The Candle in the Dark Part 1: Abyssus Torqueo

The Candle in the Dark Part 1: Abyssus Torqueo

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Dom By Antharimar Updated Aug 23, 2011

Long ago, Humanity created wonderful machines that could fly to the top of the sky and animate paintings. They created many a wonderful and fantastic machines, as they quickly rose to power. But Humanity forgot of the Ether-people, the only race that could manage the elements to keep the balance for life to exist. Eventually, Humanity began changing elements into one another, creating chaos. 
A monster appeared and killed a great deal of the ether-people, causing the elements to fly out of their control. Eventually the Ether-people grouped together in a massive fort called 'the fort of the west'. There they took in all who they could, but safety didn't last. When the defenses were forgotten, the night elementals swept through the fort, followed by the light and the others. All living fled in boats across the sea, to the land now called Y Famwlad.
To the west lies the Jade empire, shining in the sun. In the Northeast are Faerie, the keeps and the realms. To the south lies the plains, where the last clan of werewolves and the last clan of vampires fight each other ceaselessly. South of them are the land of the sun and the Southron lands. To the east lies Permaneo Terra, Mankind's last society.
Gazelle is a weredog, ¾ human, ¼ wolf, Her kind are the most down-trodden of all creatures, But when Gazelle journeys to Tirlante Kantantryn to represent her clan in a special council, she is brought out of her sheltered life on the plains and into the world. Can Gazelle survive the harsh realities of life? Can she sort out her feelings for a vampirian priest? And most of all, Which side is Gazelle truly on, the day or the night?

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Antharimar Antharimar May 28, 2012
@mattxell Thank you for your summary!
                              I'll have to fix something about Kataliana, She's actually a Human.
                              This was written years ago, and I should go over it sometime.
                              I'm glad you liked it!
Antharimar Antharimar Oct 16, 2011
@Gudgiegirl23 Thanks!
                              I still have more 'inbetween' chapters to upload. sorta 'fillers'. But I've got to finish writing them.
Antharimar Antharimar Aug 22, 2011
@Unicorn_Ninjas Thank you! I receive so little encouragement, adn gie so much. It's nice to hear it.
CraigAPrice CraigAPrice Aug 09, 2011
Interesting, yet it moves around a lot without a whole lot of background for each character, makes it slightly hard to follow. I'm loving the detail on the universe that you input in.
Antharimar Antharimar Mar 10, 2011
Please read vote and comment. I'll upload up to chapter nine. then you must comment, vote or fan me to convince me of your goodwill. I will upload more of my stories as soon as the weekend swings around
Antharimar Antharimar Feb 17, 2011
I need to write more in this chapter. Promising to soon! there's been a lot, finals next week. BUT i have  a four-day weekend to work on it.