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The Heiress and the Pauper

The Heiress and the Pauper

1.4M Reads 54.3K Votes 63 Part Story
Calixta Monroe By frozen_delights Completed

Rich and beautiful Filipino-American Annika is making amends for an old misdeed but falls in love with her unwitting victim. Will Annika and Walter find love?       


When wealthy and beautiful 14-year-old Annika accidentally hits Walter with her boyfriend's car, she can't run away from her conscience. In an attempt to make amends, Annika begins to anonymously provide financial support to Walter and his struggling family. When he finds out, Walter angrily exacts his own form of revenge. Unable to go through with it, he and Annika fall in love despite knowing that their disparate social standing will eventually tear them apart. As their love is tested, Annika and Walter fight to be together until the ultimate betrayal finally threatens to end things for good...or will their love find a way to overcome the odds yet again?