Under Glass (Complete)

Under Glass (Complete)

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Sam Marsden By SamMarsden Completed

In Eos, a glass-domed colony on Mars, perfection is survival. But 17 year old Eva Knight, the President's daughter, feels anything but perfect.  

Under Glass is a fast-paced, romantic and dystopian sci-fi. But ultimately it's a story about love, death, and how we need to let in the darkness, as well as the light, to feel truly alive.

My story is original, but if you like Divergent, The Hunger Games and The Giver then you might like Under Glass too.

This story is complete.

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Arlantis Arlantis 2 days ago
"what's with your crush on the earth" LOOK WHO'S GOING TO EARTH NOW? 
                              he was just jealous
Sylver-frost Sylver-frost 6 days ago
Nice sentence, it displays the internal struggle - and the pressure to stay composed despite it.
trixiemhyles trixiemhyles 2 days ago
The rock star part is unexpected! I didn't know they could have fun too through concerts. I had the impression they are a colony of robot-like people 😁
Sylver-frost Sylver-frost 6 days ago
The story is amazing so far. Flowing, meaningful writing, a fascinating concept, and well designed propaganda... keep up the great work Sam!
Sylver-frost Sylver-frost 6 days ago
The irony here is powerful. The 'medics' are the ones who kill people, and it's not even suitable euthanasia...
hollyjleech hollyjleech Jan 13
I love this, it legit reminds me of the giver and divergent mixed together