Cutting Myself Apart... (The Atty Awards 2012)

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Jen By Justadiva Completed
A poem about when love hurts more than anything else.
this was amazing it made me cry this explained exactly how I feel with my abusive father, is it OK if I share your poem with my class? I'll give you full credit and tell them its yours not mine
That is what I feel I 
                                     Comment so aside and I was trying and when I found this I stopped but I never stopped cutting myself that is my life.
This poem...It said everything I feel and what could never say thank you....
It is very good...and true,I can understand it really well.:\ <3
I think its amazing for ur first time! <3 love the words u used!
@Justadiva looking forward to it! I've began to write a new story and will start to upload it in a couple of weeks ;) xx