Burning Cold [Updates Suspended]

Burning Cold [Updates Suspended]

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Demonisko By Demonisko Updated Feb 20, 2018

Includes: swearwords (so far).

Everyone has their own shadow. Vampires too but additional ones, violently taken...

The world is full of darkness. There are few free humans left. The dominating race is vampires along with shadows that serve them. 
I am a shadow. A new born one though I'm over 50 years old. I had used to be independent until His Majesty Prince of Vampires summoned me and made one of his slave servants. I was sure I would hate this new "job" of mine. So did it look like at the beginning but later on... It surprisingly turned out to be the exact opposite. Well, most of the time. To think I had always considered myself as a tough guy...

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