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✟Hidden Tears✟ (Diabolik Lovers FanFlic)~Subaru Story

✟Hidden Tears✟ (Diabolik Lovers FanFlic)~Subaru Story

51.5K Reads 1.6K Votes 11 Part Story
Jennifer Snow D. By Jenn_is_Starry_Music Completed

I don't own Diabolik Lovers the anime nor do I own the visual novel. I have not been fortunate enough to try out the visual novel so this will be basically off of the anime and what ever info I can find.
The only thing I own is my character Yua Komori
Okay, just going to put out there that I spell things a little differently from people who are reading from the USA, I'm from Canada, and that I am writing names in the Rōmaji style as I prefer the look of it. Just puting it out there since it's getting a bit annoying to give this answer to the same type of question multiple times.

Character Info:

Name: Yua Komori
(Yua=Blinding Love, Komori=Cloudy
Yua Komori=Cloudy Love)

Age: 16

Race: Human/Vampire

Blood Type: O-

Gender: Female

Hair: Blonde
(Tied back into a breaded bun with two grey ribbons on the sides of her head and two long strands of hair on either sides hanging loose; framing her face along with her bangs)

Eyes: Grey

Height: 5'2" f...

Annie_322 Annie_322 May 10, 2016
My blood's one of the commons... I don't even know it, I think it's like A-something...
Yummyp133a Yummyp133a Oct 26, 2016
I love this child how shes emotionless like me and people forget me and the character of this story is there but i also hate it that you go through crueling training to be sucessful..
Annie_322 Annie_322 May 10, 2016
If that really happens to ya girl, I won't hesitate to kill her, it's for your hardwork.
Kais_Voice Kais_Voice Jan 19, 2016
Not tryna be rude or anything....or being as ass to correct you. 
                              But its *virtually anything* vertical is a direction...
                              Anyway love the story BTW!!!
OdettePaguio OdettePaguio Aug 06, 2015
Ummm.....Wouldn't it be better to just integrate the information or persona of the characters in the story to make it more interesting.
                              A challenge to understand the character more.
                              It also adds to the surprise
                              spinning some emotion in your readers. 
                              just an advice.....(^-^) v