✟Hidden Tears✟ (Diabolik Lovers FanFlic)~Subaru Story

✟Hidden Tears✟ (Diabolik Lovers FanFlic)~Subaru Story

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I don't own Diabolik Lovers the anime nor do I own the visual novel. I have not been fortunate enough to try out the visual novel so this will be basically off of the anime and what ever info I can find.
The only thing I own is my character Yua Komori
Okay, just going to put out there that I spell things a little differently from people who are reading from the USA, I'm from Canada, and that I am writing names in the Rōmaji style as I prefer the look of it. Just puting it out there since it's getting a bit annoying to give this answer to the same type of question multiple times.

Character Info:

Name: Yua Komori
(Yua=Blinding Love, Komori=Cloudy
Yua Komori=Cloudy Love)

Age: 16

Race: Human/Vampire

Blood Type: O-

Gender: Female

Hair: Blonde
(Tied back into a breaded bun with two grey ribbons on the sides of her head and two long strands of hair on either sides hanging loose; framing her face along with her bangs)

Eyes: Grey

Height: 5'2" f...

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xXkanato_kunXx xXkanato_kunXx Mar 29, 2017
I don't have any so that's easy!! Haha I'm dead inside (tears)
Annie_322 Annie_322 May 10, 2016
My blood's one of the commons... I don't even know it, I think it's like A-something...
ClaireBearOHare ClaireBearOHare Jan 27, 2017
Yummyp133a Yummyp133a Oct 26, 2016
I love this child how shes emotionless like me and people forget me and the character of this story is there but i also hate it that you go through crueling training to be sucessful..
Annie_322 Annie_322 May 10, 2016
If that really happens to ya girl, I won't hesitate to kill her, it's for your hardwork.
Kais_Voice Kais_Voice Jan 19, 2016
Not tryna be rude or anything....or being as ass to correct you. 
                              But its *virtually anything* vertical is a direction...
                              Anyway love the story BTW!!!