Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

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ScarletTears16 By ScarletTears16 Updated Jun 03, 2018

This story is about the life of a poor boy who lived with his father. As a result, he is forced to marry a man that he's never seen before in his life, supposedly, a friend to the family. However, as the newlywed's begin their life together, it turns out that the husband to the boy is very abusive and possessive towards him making his life a living hell, though, he figures that it's all for his family. Though, the rich man, that he married, had a kind, gentlemen like of a butler who showed the way of the path to true love to the young boy as soon, both fall in love with one another, though, it's uncertain that their love can last. 
This story contains...
- Sexual Content
- Violence 
- Abuse 
- Homosexuality 
- Drama
- Tragedy 
- Love 
- More

Obito Uchiha = Dominant
Kakashi Hatake = Submissive 

Disclaimer: This story contains characters from the manga/show  "Naruto" in which I do not own. They are "Obito Uchiha" and "Kakashi Hatake." 

This story is for older individuals to whom enjoy this content, so I advise you if you are underage of 18 or get triggered easily, please don't read this story. The rest is up to you.