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Logan Clark is possibly the most evil, conniving, ludicrous boy on the planet in Rosalie's eyes. A heartthrob and a heartbreaker, he's known to kiss and tell, not caring that the whole school finds out that he's screwed your sister, your cousin, and even your best friend. 

To Rosalie, he's nothing more than a stupid boy that's insensitive, cruel, and downright horrible. She wants nothing to do with him, but that doesn't stop her friend, Diana, from flinging herself at Logan in hopes to catch him and 'change' his ways.

Though Rosalie knows of Logan's playboy antics, hooking up with Diana is the last straw for her. Being backstabbed never hurt so much and with anger bubbling through her veins, Rosalie is bent on getting revenge. She wants Diana to grovel before her feet and beg for forgiveness for breaking the sacred rule of the girl code:

Never date your friend's ex without permission.

raindr0p_dr0pt0p raindr0p_dr0pt0p 5 days ago
Okay well first of all I love her but second of all who talks like this like I literally call my friends ugly slutsss
kmavenoso kmavenoso Dec 08, 2016
And now I have every good reason that I am my own best friend.  Lolz,  as an adult you'll eventually learn it's every man for himself out their.  And you'll only find one good friend in your life time.
roughtides roughtides Jun 21, 2016
me: ooh sounds interesting
                              me after reading last sentence:ASDFGHJKL
JCherryLove JCherryLove Nov 23, 2016
Or with permission 😟 why would you want your friend's sloppy seconds?
suavesarah suavesarah Nov 06, 2016
Once I was eating this wrap with chicken in it and I heard a crunch. Chicken isn't crunchy.
                              My friends told me beforehand that they saw mold on the bread before
waturizblu waturizblu Aug 24, 2016
His sister
                              Can't help but coment what I read...👆👆😂😂