Once Upon A Dream (OHSHC Tamaki Love Story)

Once Upon A Dream (OHSHC Tamaki Love Story)

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❦ Tae's Wife ❦ By Luca-senpai Completed

Is It Possible To Fall In Love Within 100 Days?  
What happens when a certain peach haired girl with emerald green eyes comes to Ouran Academy?

This is a story like none other... The story of a 'princess' that fell in love with a certain blonde... but what kind of princess?

Anakaia Lucretia is 'the most beautiful girl' they all say... But you know what they say... Don't judge people by their looks...

Everyone has a secret... Especially beautiful people.

DISCLAIMER : None of the pictures in this book are mine. I just edited the title onto the cover image. Please inform me (with proof) if any of the drawings are yours and I will credit you :)

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I love Lana Del Rey singing it cause she's Queen af😩🙌🏽
When I saw Ciel and Sebastian in the character section I immediately Screamed , fangirled like I had a exorcism, and I woke my whole family .
                              You should read this with me 😂😂 it's my literal fourth time
I love this song, sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite princess movies
Two faced lover 
                              By hatsune miku 
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