《♡Sasusaku/Team 7 Oneshots♡》

《♡Sasusaku/Team 7 Oneshots♡》

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~◇ Julia ◇~ By Silverwolf735 Updated Aug 02

"No matter how far apart we are, how lost we are, how messed up we are, how unfair and cruel the world is, we will always have each other. And that's what really counts."   --- Naruto Uzumaki (In my book)

"You guys may be the biggest idiots the world has ever known, but you're my idiots."   --- Sakura Haruno (In my book)

"You dragged me out of my horrible ways practically by the ear. For that, I will be forever grateful, and I will always, always, stick beside you guys."   --- Sasuke Uchiha (in my book) 

"Everybody goes astray. What matters is your ability to find your way back again." --- Kakashi Hatake (imb)


Sasusaku oneshots, Borusara oneshots along with Team 7 oneshots and a bunch of random others. ???? Random ideas. This is my first Naruto fanfic! check it out! it should be good... I hope.... (edit: the first few are painfully cringey, the better ones are near the end)

I'm doing a lot of other books along with this one, so I basically mess with this when I have time. Everything about this is random, including my ideas. I could be feeling like a SasuSaku one day, then a NaruHina the next... or an ItaIzu if I decide to be totally random. Be prepared for insane randomness.

There are good chances of me writing MinaKushi, NejiTen or others, because these are also some of my major ships.

All credits for Naruto go to Kishimoto! Only the plots are mine. As much as I'm hella jealous that I don't have the creativity to create an entire world like he did, I'm not the ownerrr

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