Becoming Popular ( COMPLETED )

Becoming Popular ( COMPLETED )

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Ramona G. By Mona-Mae Completed

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Vivienne Lanter is a geek. Glasses, bad clothes and a depressing reputation all because of Matt Jacobs who did a horrible thing to her in front of the whole of Redwood High. After getting caught in the boys toilets by sexy Sean Gregory, Vivienne gets offered a deal that she simply can't resist. Popularity and getting back at Matt in turn for tutoring Sean in Maths, how bad could it be? Soon Vivienne finds herself changing in every way possible. A new look, new friends and definitely a new reputation. But what Vivienne hasn't planned for was finding love in the least of likely places.

(NOTE: Unedited version)

Copyrighted 2012 by Ramona Govender

lexie0721 lexie0721 Jan 03
i’m 5’3, skinny, has red hair, green eyes, fair skin, that’s it lmao
lilmote124 lilmote124 Jan 03
I accidentally told these people in my English class my junior year last year that I hadn’t been kissed wnd they called me boring..... I wanted to tell them I’d rather die than kiss any of them or the other guys at my school
lilmote124 lilmote124 Jan 03
People say cliche but like... motorcycles are so dangerous and she’s in a dress
Rinirie Rinirie Jan 07
                              January 7, 2019
                              8:02 AM
                              Okay at the restroom doing my business.
                              January 2nd, 2019 
                              4:43 pm
                              United States 
                              My sisters couch
xalcv3256 xalcv3256 Jan 05
mote to self: never wear pink ANYTHING under a white dress!!