Number One Bestseller (ON HOLD)

Number One Bestseller (ON HOLD)

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M. Clifford By MCliffordAuthor Updated Jun 05

"Number One Bestseller" is not just any reality show competition with the enviable prize of a six-figure book deal to the last one standing. It's a voyeuristic glimpse into the minds and processes of ten independent authors living in custom-built log cabins around a silent lake near Old Donner Pass. With the stresses of an impossible schedule, these creative contestants do their best to meet the word count under constant surveillance and apart from the outside world.

What could go wrong?

Renowned author Roman Maguire isn't just a stack of Chick Lit on your shelf. He's the host of an unusually popular television show on LitNet. This is the tenth and final season. His final season, at least. And, wouldn't you know, it's the All-Stars. The past winners from previous seasons have come back to determine the Number One Bestseller of All Time, and he's driving in personally to film the finale.

But when he reaches the camp, Roman discovers that something has gone wrong. Something has gone terribly wrong.

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EmJay_Rogers EmJay_Rogers Oct 31, 2017
Last year was my first time doing NaNoWrimo and I failed sooo bad with my word-count goal
fantasticbookworm fantasticbookworm Nov 01, 2017
oh, come on! You can write!!!! GO!!!
                              or was that just humor or something? *sigh* you can never tell these days.
Oh my gosh Mike. This song is absolutely delicious. 
                              @LostGirl2003 THRONE OF GLASS NEEDS THIS SO BAD OMGGGG IF THIS ISN'T THE THEME I'M GOING TO BE so disappointed. ..