The Harsh Reality of Winter: A Game of Thrones Story (Watty Awards 2012)

1 Part Story 6.6K Reads 95 Votes
There Is No Nane By thedragongoddess Completed
In the world of Westeros, too many things happen at once. A tear, a scream, a gasp, a war. These little moments may feel insignificant to the inhabitants, but to the Gods these moments are very real. This riveting and well-written fan series chronicles the little moments that lead up to big conflicts in the Seven Kingdoms. Welcome to the harshness of winter.
    (Not sure if I should continue this series or not. It will remain completed until I decide whether or not to fully finish it)
this was a bit disappointing. I expected more than just one scene.
It says this story is completed? It's super short, no real ending, doesn't tell me what happened, I'm disappointed, but I liked that little chaper thing.
god, i don't even know why i read this, ITS NO GOOD FOR MY SOUL... SIGH
This is one of the best stories I have read in this genre..if you're willing please continue.
The way you write it is almost like a poem which sort of changes the pacing and intentisty. I like it and please continue it.
this is a scam!  The real Game of Thrones series was written by George R.R. Martin and encompasses five large volumes, who do you think you are kidding with this amateurish dribble?