Our Fate: A Beautiful Tale

Our Fate: A Beautiful Tale

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"I was searching for someone, someone very special to my heart and instead, I found myself."


After moving to another town and joining a new high school, the scarf-wearing girl, Ameera Mohsin's top priority is to minimize trouble by keeping her head low and avoiding communication.

But what's a story without a twist?

Ameera's new life seems to be moving accordingly. That is until, Redwood High's most popular and center of attention boy, Joseph Kingston, is told by his friends that after the hijabi denied to become a project partner of one of them, she won't even spare him a glance despite his good looks. To prove them wrong and show everyone that he could achieve anything, Joseph accepts a bet of becoming her project partner within a week.

Making anyone swoon over him was a piece of cake for Joseph as he had the wealth and the looks as well, let alone becoming a girl's study partner. But little did he know that the girl he wants to pair up with, was not one of his typical fangirls.

It was supposed to be just a bet of becoming her project partner and then Joseph wouldn't even gaze at her. But the silly bet turned into something no one could have expected.

Because maybe, just maybe, in the process of playing this game, Joseph accidentally turn the tables against himself.

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Babe_Snowflake Babe_Snowflake Aug 14, 2018
Okay so I just understood asalam o Alaikum but now after reading the comments I am lost
kmubeen kmubeen Aug 13, 2018
I KNEW YOU CHANGED THE NAME OF THE BOOK, because I was reading the intro and I was like... wait a minute..... then poof the book had a new cover and all loool!!! I LOVED THIS STORY AND ALWAYS WILL!!!
AsiaCx AsiaCx Aug 05, 2018
Hi guys I'm currently writing a muslim romance and I'm so curious about your thoughts 😊
Brownie_68 Brownie_68 Sep 17, 2018
A friend of mine said that the mc in this book was alot like me. So yeah let's see. But I already know that I'll love it!
ebti_abdullahi ebti_abdullahi Sep 11, 2018
Found it randomly and the cover and tittle looked interesting so I said I shud give it a try
blooming_heart_204 blooming_heart_204 Aug 21, 2018
I find it randomly...a random answer for the randon question...hehe...i like ur bk.name and its cover so I decide to read it...and I will support ur works...