Our Fate: A Beautiful Tale

Our Fate: A Beautiful Tale

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"I was searching for someone, someone very special to my heart and instead, I found myself."


Ameera Mohsin, a girl with a headscarf, going through a rough life and knowing when to speak and when to remain silent, moves to a new town and joins a new high school in order to complete her senior year. Having a rough life in the previous neighborhood and school, she decides to keep her head low and avoid communication with the people at school to minimize trouble.

But what's a story without a twist?

Her new life seems to be moving smoothly according to the plan of minimizing trouble that is until, Redwood High's infamous, good looking, most popular, all-smiles, cheerful, arrogant and center of attention boy, Joseph Kingston , is told by his friends that after the hijabi denied to become a project partner of one of them, she won't even spare him a glance despite his good looks. To prove them wrong and show everyone that he could achieve everything even the impossible, Joseph accepts a bet of becoming her project partner within a week.

Making anyone swoon over him was a piece of cake for Joseph as he had the wealth and the looks as well let alone becoming a girl's study partner. But little did he know that the girl he wants to pair up with, was not one of his typical fangirls.

She was the type of a girl who would be fighting against the world with a mask of bravery, without showing her true, pained soul. And even though she wore a mask of strength and confidence, she didn't know what was coming her way.

It was supposed to be just a bet of becoming her project partner and then Joseph wouldn't even gaze at her. But, little did anyone know that it would turn into a bigger and messier story than just a silly bet.

Because maybe, just maybe, in the process of playing this game, Joseph accidentally turn the tables against himself.


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This book show in my recomendation book, so because i love islam, and i want to read it
Was scrolling new books and i came across this one and it looked interesting so I wanted to give it a try.
I found it on my recommendation books. 
                              It looked interesting.... So why not try it?
Imu0608 Imu0608 Jun 03
Through recommendation...it looked very interesting..so i thought of giving it a try.!
Assalamualaikum ,Wattpad kinda recommended me this book to read...and lemme tell u the description is too 'interesting'.tc
Babe_Snowflake Babe_Snowflake a day ago
Okay so I just understood asalam o Alaikum but now after reading the comments I am lost