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Crush On My Bully BxB

Crush On My Bully BxB

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Sammie (ง'̀-'́)ง By sammieanimeluvr Updated May 09

#847 in Teen Fiction - December 6, 2016 

Okay, so if you guys have read the story Healing Scars then don't think I ripped this off. Please please please. Because I didn't. I read Healing Scars on a story writing website called But it got deleted or something so I wrote a story with my main character named Kyler because I wanted to remember Healing Scars forever. (favorite story btw. huge fan!!!) But now that I found it well, I dunno. but just wanted to tell you people that I did NOT rip off Healing Scars.   My friends that read this really like this story so I hope u peoples will like it too. ^.^   The person why wrote Healing Scars is...... xX_InsanlyPerfect_xXx   Please please please go check out the story!!! It's amazing and great and perfect n stuff!!!   Don't like gay people, don't freaking read!! ^.^ Have an AMAZING day beautifuls. :)

MichIsWeird MichIsWeird Mar 28
I can relate................... 
                              Gods, why is Aphrodite so cruel?
cuitechan cuitechan May 06
Dont you hate it when you have a friend whos life is perfect and filled with butterflies and rainbows when the world just screws your life up
RaymondMcDonagh RaymondMcDonagh Jul 02, 2016
I was bullied heavily, when went to school, and I certainly NEVER fancied any of them!! But I AM willing to suspend dis-belief, because of the standard of the writing displayed here.
danahar danahar Jan 21
every therapist in this world is screwed up, every in different way
I_Am_Your_Kary I_Am_Your_Kary Oct 11, 2016
Well ya i might like my bully but if he beats meh. Oh hell nah boi
RaymondMcDonagh RaymondMcDonagh Jul 02, 2016
Love in a balled fist? There are girlfriends (and boyfriends) wives and mothers who could tell you how that feels. But hey! This is fiction, so I will go with the flow, so to speak.