The South Circle

The South Circle

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Book 1: The South Circle

           Meet the newest summer camp group, as these teenagers' lives become irrevocably intertwined. Now that the paths have been crossed again, they all must come together in terms of sticking together for the sake of keeping the place they all considered a second home. But how can they do it with problems of their own, and amongst one another? 

           Constance Hope Wright, the caring and compassionate friend to many of the people in the camp. She's known for sharing advice, her bubbly personality and being a sweetheart. She's been at the camp-house for a good bit and is now coming back after moving back to her hometown to finish high school. 

          Being out of the loop, she finds out the camp was shut down for four years because of a bad incident and there are a few changes that she doesn't know much about. While being there, she has her own problems she deals with, being afraid to disappoint her parents, or really wanting to make them proud. Will she find herself during the camp or get lost in the process? 

           Darius Isaiah Murphy, the charming and captivating guy in the group, mostly known for having his head straight and focusing on his talents. He's looked as a leader, and bringing plenty of love to his brothers but also deals with his personal issues. He realizes he loves to hold in his pain by doing something that requires sports. 

         Darius and Constance has always been cool but during the summer, they grew even closer as best friends. Not yet knowing that they have feelings for each other, they still hide the fact they have their own issues yet share advice to one another, being that person that they both could trust. 

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