Heartless - A Naruto Fanfic (Gaara Love story)

Heartless - A Naruto Fanfic (Gaara Love story)

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Alpha_ChimChim By Jocelyn321076 Updated Dec 24, 2014

Ai Satomi is a girl that lost both her parents and soon became a traveler at the age of 5, also making friends with Gaara when she traveled to Suna.

Leaving because of a threat Gaara's father said. She then settles in Konoha where she decides to lock up her emotions from people, but soons starts to loosen up once again when she is assigned to Team 7.

Read on, where Ai starts with a new adventure with her life in Konoha and the dangers that come. Now with the Chunin Exams coming, she meets her childhood friend, Gaara.

With many new feelings to figure out, one that she had yet to feel in a long time from a close friend, love was it? A good feeling in your heart and a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, kind of like butterflies. How will things go on between them and Gaara's new persona. Will Gaara remember her or is he still in the dark. Heartless - A Naruto Fanfic (Gaara Love story)

Mystiotakutrash Mystiotakutrash Oct 19, 2016
Abandoned-Account1 Abandoned-Account1 Dec 17, 2016
Basically, Sakura Haruno overall? I like Shippuden Sakura more.
Jocelyn321076 Jocelyn321076 Jun 11, 2015
No, other people have red hair yet that does not mean that they are an Uzumaki.
awesomenessisace awesomenessisace May 10, 2015
Doesn't that technically make her an Uzumaki since all Uzumaki clan members have red hair? Like Nagato and Naruto's mum
OverlordKris OverlordKris Nov 05, 2014
ha who are you kidding you're my MINION!!! BWAHHAHHHWAHHAHAH
YuenXin YuenXin Oct 07, 2014
This is 100% me. Author what else do you know about me hmm? JOKING HAHA BUT IT REALLY IS AN ACCURATE DESCRIPTION OF ME THOUGH